Monday, April 24, 2017

Nana's Garden Wedding

I would love to share with you all today a page I have made celebrating my munchkins at their Nana and Grandads Wedding. I have loved the flower fairies since I was a child and when I found this amazing paper from 49 & Market at Arnolds Scrapbooking I visualised my idea near immediately and my little fairies in the fairies garden came to life.

It's all about the paper and I have used 3 sheets of "At the Quarry" from the Flower Fairies of Spring. I have dyed a few strips of lace and muslin to coordinate and have cut a faux nest in 2 and filled the portions with moss. Chipboard words from 2 Crafty, some pearls, a jewellery finding and a button are the only additions. No flowers!!... which with all the beautiful elements of the paper I found it was all I needed.

From the 3rd sheet, I have cut a number of elements to 3d.
    The second sheet I have cut the central area out and cut away the outer details.
The first sheet is the base. I have attached lace to the bottom edge and lace/pearls along the top edge. I have also mirrored one of the pieces from the 3rd sheet as an overhang at the bottom as this page will be hanging on a wall.
Sheet 2 is 3d layered over sheet one in one large piece then the elements from sheet 3 are added along with the nests, chipboard, additional lace and muslin.
Don't throw anything away!! I have used the offcut from the centre of the 2nd sheet to create the diamond embellishments.

I mixed different levels of frost gray with peacock green RIT dye to colour match the lace banner.
The chipboard words are really fine and dainty.
For 'Precious' I have used white paint and Silver Nikko.
For the 'Timeless' I have used white paint first. Let it dry then add yellow paint, let it semi dry then rub it back in places so it blends against the papers.  

                                                 Thanks so much for looking, K x

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