Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Bohemian Butterflies

Hello everyone and thankyou for joining with me again today. I have been playing with the Bohemian Bouquet again. One of the great aspects of this collection is the colour range and today I have used the blues as my base theme.
I have used one pack of the Blue Butterflies, one sheet of 12x12 paper and 1 sheet of the decoupage designs. Teamed with plain white cards and one of the gorgeous Bohemian Bouquet stamp sets, I found the strong shots of orange pink and green bursts give a clean and fresh look to this set of cards. I hope you enjoy. K x

I have used the Decoupage Die cut sheet, 1 12x12, the Blue Layered Butterflies and Stamp Set.
Card 1.
Fold one of your A6 cards in half.
Cut a strip, 4cm wide x 14.9cm high, from the reverse of the 12x12 and ink in a coordinating blue.
Attach to the card front 2cm in from the spine.
Pop the decoupage pieces from the sheet, trim around the edges to get a desired finish.
Arrange the pieces around the butterfly as you wish. Your options are endless.
Stamp the sentiment in the lower portion of the blue strip to balance. 

Card 2.
Fold one of your Tall cards in half.
Cut a panel from the print, 10.2cm wide x 21cm high. Ink in a coordinating blue & attach to the card.
Cut a smaller panel from the reverse, 5.5cm wide x 14.8cm high and ink the edges.
Cut a plain white panel to frame the print, 6cm x 15.3cm.
Pop the decoupage pieces from the sheet, trim around the edges to get a desired finish.
Attach the print to the white to create a white border and attach to the card using 3D.
Stamp the image using the picture as a guide. I had already roughly placed my decorative pieces in place to get an idea of where the sentiment would fit best.
Arrange the pieces around the butterfly as you wish. Again, your options are endless.

Card 3.
Fold one of your Tall cards in half. Tear down along the front edge, 3.5cm in from the spine, removing most of the front cover.
Cut a panel from the print, 10.7cm wide x 21.5cm high. Ink in a coordinating blue.
This will become the main portion of the new front cover. Attach it by securing behind the white flap, into the spine of the card.
You will then see the reverse of the panel when you open the card.
Cut a strip from the reverse panel to include the decorative barcode strip section which will give you another design element. Tear along the green edge to match the torn edge on the card, ink in blue and attach on the front white flap section.
Recycle the small rectangle print by using the packaging from the Butterflies. Cut a panel 5.5cm wide x 9.8cm high. Ink in a coordinating blue.
Cut a plain white panel to frame the recycled print, 6cm x 10.4cm. Attach the 2 pieces with a layer of 3D in between then attach flat to the card front as pictured.
Pop the decoupage pieces from the sheet, trim around the edges to get a desired finish and using the butterfly as your focus, arrange the pieces as you wish.

Products Used to complete this project:
Bohemian Bouquet Collection
Art Deco Creations
Until next time Happy Creating. K x


Monday, October 30, 2017

Boho Lady by Katrina Thompson

Hello everyone. Thankyou for joining with me again to have a look at todays project. I have gone back to the beautiful Bohemian Bouquet by Denise Boddey.
I adore this range and have been playing with the bohemian lady images. I have actually used this lady in another card project using the 6x6 pad, however today I am working with the 12x12 images.
If you toss up whether to by the 6x6 or 12x12 paper pads, I find so much flexibility in both, so usually buy them both. You then have the differing scales to work with that all compliment each other. I also love to do a larger card for special occasions. These are great if you have multiple people who want to sign it and the receiver could also display it on a wall as a decoration.
In addition to the 12x12 papers and some fussy cutting to make my foliage, I have teamed the designs with the new Couture Creations chipboard designs. I hope you enjoy. K x

There are lots of layers but the card is still relatively flat and easy to manage.
First, cut the image of the lady, lightly distressing the edges.
Next, cut a large patterned base, 13.2cm wide x 20.7cm high. Ink in a red ink and distress the edges to show the white edge through the inking. As pictured below cut all the foliage from the centre to use to embellish with.
Create a mat for the large pattern in 'Jungle' green, 14cm wide x 21.5cm high. Ink the edges in a white.
Create the card base from the red 'Garnet', 22.5cm high x 30cm wide. Score and fold in half and ink all the edges in white, inside and out.
Cut a medium mat, 19cm high x 10cm wide. Ink the edges in green and lightly roughen up the edges. Include all the foliage as pictured, cutting around the leaves and flowers.
Cut a small mat for the lady to sit on, 17cm high x 7.5cm wide. Flip the paper to use the reverse pattern. Ink in green and lightly rough up the edges.
Attach the lady to the small mat and add some white muslin around the edges. Cover behind the whole panel with 3d.
Attach some green muslin behind the medium mat and add 3d behind the whole panel.
Attach the large patterned mat to the Jungle, then to the Garnet card base.
Now we are ready to embellish!
Paint up the flourish and ink it to give some shading.
Cut the 'Love' from the chipboard panel. Paint the base in a red, then dip into the Rose glitter powder.
Attach the flourish then arrange the flowers overlapping the top.
Attach the smaller flower in the top corner together with the leaves and petal.
Using the Pearl Mica powder, water it down and with a thin brush paint the chipboard and foliage and anything else you would like to have a pearlescent shimmer.
Attach the pearls into the centres of the flower for a pop of colour and a little more dimension.
Don't forget the inside to follow through with your design. Use one of the 12x12 sheets, cut, ink, score and attach to the inside.
Products Used in this project:
Ultimate Crafts Bohemian Bouquet Collection
Couture Creations and Ultimate Crafts
Additional Items
Inks, Paint and Muslin
Thank you for looking, Until next time happy creating. K x


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Merry Christmas Bouquet with Katrina Thompson

 Hello and Welcome. Thankyou for joining with me again today to see the last in a set of 4 card creations using the "It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas" collection by Tina Higgins.
For this project I have created a Christmas Bouquet by layering and fussy cutting the 12x12 patterned papers, along with the adhesive chipboard, Vellum Decoupage sheet and the Merry Christmas Die. Deconstructing and decorating the 2pc Velvet Christmas Poinsettia flower to use as the feature will give you a few more ideas on how to make the most of items in your collection.


Prepping our flowers:
Pull 1 layer away from the back of the large White Camden beaded flower so it's not so thick.
Remove the diamante from the centre of the Florette.
Remove the back layer from the 2.5cm English Rose. Cover the 3 flowers/petals in a layer of the Crystalina Glitz'n Glamour to give them a shimmer.
Ink the small English rose in a yellow shade.
Remove the beaded centre from the velvet poinsettia flower. Flip over as we are going to use the reverse. Cover the reverse in a layer of the Crystalina.
Constructing the flowers:
Once dry, attach the large White Camden to the Poinsettia as pictured.
Attach the small yellow English Rose into the centre of the larger English Rose petal that we removed earlier. Glue and wrap around to create a casing as pictured, then glue the combination to the centre of the Florette petal.
Along with your deconstructed flowers -
Fussy cut 2 of the white flowers with foliage from the 12x12 prints as pictured.
Pull 2 of the foliage  pieces from the Adhesive chipboard pack.
Remove the red berries from the velvet Holly Leaves.
Die cut the Merry Christmas from Garnet cardstock and cover with a layer of Crystalina, then cut a piece of Snow White cardstock to use as a base, 12.7cm wide x  17.7cm high.
Pop 3 of the Vellum flowers from the sheet. Cut them into various combinations of patterns.
All at a height of 17.7cm, cut a strip of foliage print 2cm wide, a Snow White Strip 1cm wide and a Red polka dot strip 1.5cm wide. Cut a piece of thin scalloped lace as pictured and a large piece of matching patterned paper 10.8cm wide x 17.7cm high.
Ink around the edges of all the patterned pieces with a red ink. Distress the large piece.
Layer each of the pieces in order, as they are arranged above, overlapping at different intervals to fit edge to edge on the Snow White base.

Begin to arrange your Bouquet onto your decorative base.
Glue through the centre of your pieces, allowing room around the outer edges to lift, shape and tuck other elements.
Start with the large focus flower and holly leaves. Once in place, add the chipboard pieces then the small flower, starting to create a teardrop shape as pictured.
Continue to fill your bouquet by adding the fussy cut flowers and foliage then arranging the Vellum pieces as pictured.
To finish, add the Merry Christmas sentiment.
Until next time, Happy Creating! Kx
Products Used:
It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas collection
Art Deco Creations Brands


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Jingle all the way by Katrina Thompson

Hello everyone and thankyou for joining with me again for a tutorial using the new It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas collection by Tina Higgins.
For this card I've layered the decorative 12x12 paper as a base which coordinates with the adhesive chipboard as the focus. Embellishing with a few of the new dies from this beautiful collection brings it all together.


Cut horizontally, 17.5cm up from the bottom edge. Save your offcut for Die Cutting! 
From this piece cut 2 panels.
The poinsettia panel is mainly 11.5cm but if there was overhanging foliage details, I have cut around them to include the details, as pictured.
The plainer panel is for the inside and is 12cm wide.
Ink both in a coordinating colour and add a layer of Crystalina Glitz'n Glamour around the edge of the Poinsettia.

Create a card base from the Carnelian cardstock, 19.5cm high x 27.2cm wide. Fold and score in half and ink edges in a white ink.
Cut a mat from the Kahlua cardstock, 18.2cm high x 12.2cm wide. Distress the edges.
Attach the Poinsettia panel to the mat and attach the whole piece to the Carnelian card base.
I have used the Holly Branch Die and the Jingle All the Way Die.
Using the offcut from the first step, cut 2 sentiments, 1 in the yellow for the card front and and 1 in the red for the inside.
Cut 4 Holly branches, 2 in Jungle and 2 in Cypress Pine.
Dust all the pieces in a red ink for a contrast then add the Crystalina Glitz'n Glamour for some bling.
Using a dauber ink the edges of the chipboard piece.
Attach the Holly to the back of the chipboard.
Cut the Poinsettia image from the pictured 12x12 sheet. Ink and shape the edges.
Centre and attach the chipboard and foliage to the card base, then add the Poinsettia as pictured.
After attaching the panel from step 1 to the inside, add a panel in the Kahlua cardstock to make it easier to write on. Inside layers also helps weight the card more evenly!
Attach the Jingle All the Way die cut and your ready for your personal messages.

Until next time Happy Creating, Kx !!
Products Used for this project:
It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas:
ArtDeco Creations Products: