Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Spell Book

I still have to name this dark fae beauty, but I have finished playing with her for the moment. A wonderful day was spent in a class with Sue Smyth creating her altered book and I have been adding a few bits before I start the inside. My husband and kids loved it and my husband jokingly asked if it was being prepped for my Spells, so it is now going to be a form of journal. Thanks to Sue for an inspiring day!!

                                        The dragon is an earring that hooks around your ear.

The young fairy is watching the dark fae and the dragon is watching her!

Thanks for looking! Kx


  1. Absolutely stunning Miss Katrina...would so love to touch this....sooooooooo much texture and goodies...looooooooooove it! xxx

    1. Thank You. So much fun. I want a pet dragon now!! xx